PedaL ScraperZ

The lower we get it, the more you sweat it.

Dream, Desire, Design, Customize, Build & Ride!

Is Your bicycle average?  

Do you get nose bleeds while riding at high altitudes?

Does your bike suffer from excessive ground clearance?

Not attracting enough attention while cruising the local strips?

Do you or your ride have a fear of heights?

Are you ready to leave your mark on society... I mean... IN THE PAVEMENT??

If you answered yes to any of these questions above, you need to contact the crew of PedaL ScraperZ immediately, for all your lowriding & customizing needs!

Just call or e mail us, for anything you need!

From bicycle parts, to complete radicalcustom bicycle build ups, just shoot an e mail, or call the contact info on the home page and we will take care of you.  

We do frame customizing to building the complete bike or if you just need a custom part or two let us know, we will hook you up. We now offer our custom airdrolix kit also!


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