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The lower we get it, the more you sweat it.

Club Info & About Us

Thank you for your interest in checking out PedaL ScraperZ Lowrider Bicycle Club. If you are interested in becoming a member, please read this page very carefully. We offer plenty of excellent things to lowrider bicycle enthusiasts and to the lowrider show circuit who want to become part of our family. PedaL ScraperZ Lowrider Bicycle Club has been serving the East Coast with some of the wildest rides since October of 1997. Since established in 1997, we have been in plenty of magazines, newspaper articles, rap music videos, news media broadcasts and dominated awards at auto & bike shows all over the Eastern United States.

There is no limit to what we can do. If you have the ideas and of course the money to back it up, we can make your dreams become your reality! As for becoming a potential club member, we do not discriminate on any account- to any person and/or bicycle, but there is criteria in which we look at, for potential members.

Completed or Under Construction Lowrider Bike/trike criteria:

1. bike/trike must have at least three custom modifications. To include body work and/or add on customized parts. "No Out Of The Box Bicycles"                

2. bike/trike must be able ride, stop and turn as well. All bikes/trikes must meet show standards to compete for awards, therefore they must be ride-able. No Exceptions!!!                                                                                                    

3. bike/trike owner must be of good standing and must be referred by an existing member to qualify for membership. No drugs or gang related prospects will be excepted for membership to our club.                                                    

4. Members will attend a minimum of three low shows each year to remain an active member of PedaL ScraperZ.

We are known for club quality not club quantity.


PedaL ScraperZ Lowrider Bicycle Club does not and will not tell someone what to do to his or her ride. Everyone has there own style and personality. Some like tweed, while others like diamond tucks & crushed velour. Some like hydraulics, while others like airbags. Some like chrome spokes and chain steering wheels, while others like spinner rims and twisted handlebars. What we can do though, is outline a way of noticing all custom work, which is done to your ride. PedaL ScraperZ Lowrider Bicycle Club will not be prejudice to a certain style, from old school frames to bondo radical body work, to banana seats and more, all having there own unique look and feel, without forcing a certain opinion on the ride. We will be the first to tell you though, if we think your making a wrong move.

If you have any further questions or would like more information about anything above, please contact Frankie Bones by mail, phone or e mail by the contact information provided on our home page. If you are still interested in becoming a member, there are no membership charges and/or fees. We don't believe in taking money from family. After all, that's what we at PedaL ScraperZ are, is Family. Shirts, business cards, plaques etc... is at members costs, but is not forced upon in having.    

The same goes for any potential customer that is interested in having PedaL ScraperZ build or customize your ride. Our bike/trike building & customizing is backed by a 110% guarantee of your approval and overall satisfaction. Once again, if you have the ideas and of course the money to back it up, we can make your dreams become your reality! After all we take pride in your ride. Thanks again for checking out PedaL ScraperZ Lowrider Bicycle Club and keep it low.




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